Musicast is an audio podcast hosted by me and various collaborators, with discussions about music-oriented topics along with occasional reviews and interviews. Every episode also includes a featured song!


SXM  Turbo Driver's Seat
Episode 27 - 12/8/2023

Dan had his SiriusXM Turbo’s Driver Seat submission aired on the radio! 

Weird: Our Al Yankovic Story
Episode 26 - 5/23/2023

In this episode, Dan catches up with Lily, who guested on episode 16, about how her musical tastes, tendencies, and experiences have evolved in the decade since that episode.

Mainland Livin'
Episode 25 - 4/11/2023

In this episode, Dan catches up with Lily, who guested on episode 16, about how her musical tastes, tendencies, and experiences have evolved in the decade since that episode.

2022 Concert Roundup
Episode 24 - 3/12/2023

In this episode, Dan reflects on the concerts he went to in 2022.

Episode 23 - 1/25/2023

In this episode, Dan and his twin brother, Dave, discuss their recent realization how punk subversively influenced their musical tastes and interests from the beginning.

Formative Concert Reflections
Episode 22 - 8/12/2022

In this episode, Dan uses the physical concert tickets he has leftover from high school and college to trip down memory lane of what live music has meant in his life.

What I've Been Listening To
Episode 21 - 4/12/2022

In this episode, to counterpoint recent grouchy sentiments about current music, Dan reflects on some standout (to him) artists and albums that have come out since this podcast went on a long back burnered hiatus.

Gojira & Hatebreed Concerts
Episode 20 - 1/25/2022

In this episode, Dan recounts the concerts he attended in 2021 after the lack of live music during 2020.

2021 Concert Roundup
Episode 19 - 1/17/2022

In this episode, Dan recounts the concerts he attended in 2021 after the lack of live music during 2020.

9 Years Later
Episode 18 - 1/11/2022

In this episode, Dan and his twin brother, Dave, touch base on what's changed and evolved in both the music industry and their own musical journeys since putting the podcast on hiatus almost a decade ago.

Episode 17 - 3/11/2013

In this episode, we hypocritically do what we complained about in Episode 6 and ambiguously call it "quits" on the podcast, meaning that we are not planning on putting out regular episodes anymore, but we're not completely ruling out the chance of one now and then if the stars align for it to happen. Otherwise, Dan and Dave first catch up on a show that Dave attended and then they review some recent album releases, along with a movie review. Due to scheduling conflicts, Dan then catches up with Chris without Dave on the line and they also talk about some shows and some album reviews.

Maui Youth
Episode 16 - 1/16/2012

In this episode, Dan talks to two former students of his from Maui, Hawai’i, who were also music students of his and supporters of his former band, The Mobius Project.

Maui Music Scene
Episode 15 - 10/18/2012

In this episode, Dan plays music solely from artists that were part of the Maui, Hawai’i rock scene during the time that the lived and played in bands on Maui (2009-2011). You might just be surprised by the variety of sounds and talents that thrive on that little island in the sun.

Summer 2012 Roundup
Episode 14 - 9/27/2012

We’ve decided to forgo any formal format or structure to the episodes since we can never seem to stick to one anyway. And with that in mind, we’re also going to expand our scope and occasionally talk about more than music, when relevant. So, in this episode, Dan, Dave, and Chris cover summer 2012 happenings including some noted releases of the summer, concerts attended, and discuss a few of the major summer movies.

Classical Roots
Episode 13 - 7/27/2012

Our father is a life-long professional French horn player. Since this is a music podcast, we wanted to get his perspective on being a musician, raising kids that explored different musical outlets, and his thoughts on passing the musical lineage down now that Dan has kids.

Odds & Ends
Episode 12 - 6/29/2012

Dan and Dave host this episode, which doesn’t follow our usual format because so much has happened in the heavy music world that we wanted to cover. This includes a (hed)p.e. concert review, music news, and albums reviews.

You Say You Want A [Digital] Revolution…
Episode 11 - 5/25/2012

In this episode, Dave and I bring on an old friend (who also happens to be a Dave; we refer to him as Beckner to avoid confusion), who has an affinity for high quality audio when it comes to his music consumption. The hope was that he could school us on the sub-par compression that we listen to our digital music with, but the conversation extended much further than that.

Our Metal Evolution
Episode 10 - 4/8/2012

Dan and Dave get back to basics and muse on some of the finer points brought up in Sam Dunn’s Metal Evolution series that recently ran its course on VH1. We review Everything is Changing by Anneke van Giersbergen, the former singer of The Gathering. We also discuss the current state of live music and recommend some various music-related things. 

On The Road to Machine Head
Episode 9 - 3/17/2012

On the way to a Machine Head show in Norfolk, VA, Dan and Chris find they have nothing better to do than talk, so why not record it? We discuss what led us to our current state of music sensibilities, we review White Wives’s The Happeners, and we review the Machine Show concert just after experiencing it.

Love & Zombies
Episode 8 - 2/25/2012

In this episode, Dan interviews Doug Young from Love and Zombies, a solo punk project from San Francisco, CA. We talk about everything from Doug’s project, to the music biz, to zombie weddings. Is Lady Gaga mentioned? Why, of course!

Deftones & Jonah Matranga
Episode 7 - 2/10/2012

Having shared a years-long common passion with Dan and Dave for everything Deftones and Jonah Matranga related, Chris and Jay return to trip down memory lane about these Sacramento, CA native bands. And of course we touch on Lady Gaga, Madonna, and robots.

Give Me A Break[up]
Episode 6 - 1/25/2012

In this episode, Dave, Dan, and Chris all happened to be in the same place at the same time, so we decided to record a quick one before we headed out to see Thursday play one of their final shows at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on their supposed last tour. With the advent of both Thursday and Thrice calling it a day, and with many bands from our formative musical years recently reforming, we focused on this trend of bands breaking up and getting back together.

Women in Rock
Episode 5 - 1/8/2012

In this episode, long-time friends with monosyllabic nicknames Dan, Nat, and Kel discuss the elephant in the rock ‘n’ roll room: Girls own it (we all knew this already; it’s about time to get it out there). And, as usual, Lady Gaga manages to consume our hearts and minds.

Erin Smith Interview
Episode 4 - 12/17/2011

In this episode, Dan interviews Erin Smith of the Maui-based rock/punk/reggae/new-wave/awesome band The Throwdowns.

Episode 3 - 12/7/2011

In this episode we dissect a trend in the current metalsphere that we have dubbed “Insanecore.” We also review Blink-182’s Neighborhoods and talk story about some concerts from our past. Chris guests again along with another longtime friend, Jay.

Machine Head Extravaganza
Episode 2 - 11/13/2011

In celebration of Machine Head’s recent release of Unto The Locust, we discuss everything Machine Head. Our longtime friend Chris from DC guests in this episode. For being an episode dedicated to Machine Head, we sure invoke Slayer a lot.

Favorite Albums
Episode 1 - 10/15/2011

In our introductory episode, Dan and his twin brother, Dave, get things geared up with a discussion about our all-time favorite albums and the All-Stars Tour where we saw In This Moment.