I'm Dan. 

Educated at film school

Professionally an educator

Personally, I like to make things, make music, and adventure.

I really, really appreciate you checking out my stuff.

Drop me a line at breathingunderwater1@gmail.com.

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Calling myself a "DIY" (Do It Yourself) media productor may seem a bit of a misnomer because most individual content creators nowadays produce their content DIY just by virtue of that fact that the relative accessibility, low cost, and ease-of-use of modern production technology has made that possible.

I'm no different, but what I'm also implying when I talk about my DIY production is that I make zero money from what I create and thusly have no extra resources to put into having general professional production quality or standards to my work. 

I use what I have available (cameras, mics, software, etc.), which is not always what I'd ideally prefer and I do almost all of it (unless it's an otherwise noted collaboration) literally on my own; I have no crew, editors, etc., nor do I have expert technical knowledge in all areas of production.

I went to film school (for screenwriting) in the early 2000's when we were still using 480p miniDV tapes and Final Cut 4, and I've been trying to keep up with the explosion of new technologies and evolving softwares ever since.

Time is also a major factor. I am a full-time educator, involved with lots of extra-curricular activities, and I have a family; I create things when I have time and that time is always limited and often unpredictable. So I do what I can, when I can, and often have to push my perfectionist tendencies to the side in order to create even lo-fi output.

In other words, I'm well aware that my stuff might not always live up the 4K+, pro-audio, pro-edited, etc. landscape that seems to be the expected norm these days, but that's not why I do this. 

As trite as it might sound, I'm truly not in this to impress anyone, make money, or present what I do with the most polished sheen; I create projects about my passions simply because I love to, I always have, and I'd be having fun doing so even if I had nowhere to showcase it. 


All that said, hosting content online to share with others does cost money, so even though I'm not interested in being beholden to ad revenue, sponsors, etc., I figure that if it means enough to me to financially support certain creators I wish to see continue, that perhaps you might consider doing the same for me and my work. 

For my part, I prefer to support platforms that are creator-driven, like Nebula. But I do support individuals, too, like Jonah Matranga, whom I've been following since I was a teen and whom I support monthly, which you can do for me below at any amount. For others, like Chris Stuckmann, Captain Midnight, or the Critical Drinker, I prefer investing in their one-off projects, which you can also do for me by submitting a one-time payment below. 

For any amount, I'll add you to my monthly mailing list so you can keep up with all of my projects. 

Either way (including no money, but just being here and being interested in my stuff) THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!

*NOTE: PayPal payments will reflect the account for my band, After We Praey, which I use for general use.