Kanaloa is a story about two siblings, Mika and Keli’i, who live and surf on the Hawaiian island of Maui until their estranged mother mysteriously shows up and sends their world into a whirlwind of adventure and ancient secrets that have deadly implications.

Graphic Novel

My twin brother, Dave, wanted a reason to try his hand at illustration after a 10 year break and enlisted me to write a story for a graphic novel.

Unfortunately, as the multi-volume story took shape, it became clear that completing this project was unrealistic, so we decided to discontinue production.

I still hope to find a place for this story when the stars align. This will be touched upon in my selkie folklore-related podcast.

In the meantime, here is what we accomplished while the graphic novel collaboration was active including a PDF of what was completed of the graphic novel, a watercolor rendition of the mother character in the story, and a variety of Dave's character sketches and concept art:

click to view/download PDF

Cast of Characters
(up to where the graphic novel leaves off)