"The Mobius Project" moniker was coined to imply that the art we create is part of the ever-flowing mobius strip of human creation and expression.

I (Dan) met Jeremiah in 2007, colleagues at the same place of work. We first connected over music and, Jeremiah being a guitar player/singer/songwriter and me being a drummer, immediately started making some together. It turned out that this musical collaboration was a natural jumping-off point for further band-related creative collaborations in a variety of areas, which are documented below. A detailed history of the project's inception and initial iterations is here.





Below is a mixture of multimedia artwork that we made relative to the 2009-2010 v2 iteration of the band:


We took a plethora of both promotional and live photos from 2009-2010 while on Maui. Below are only a few:


During our v2.0 iteration, we earned a couple of noteworthy mentions in the press:



Having started as an excuse to practice illustration more than 10 years ago, the story and world of Kanaloa has continued to evolve and develop over that time. Now, Jeremiah has stepped up as the new illustrator for this project, breathing new life, context, and intention into the story!


Though The Mobius Project as a "full" band disbanded in 2010 when the members left the island of Maui, Jeremiah, myself, and our then-bassist, Ryan, had been working hard on a new crop of material that never got to see the light of day. Jeremiah continued crafting that material and eventually he and I began the process of recording what those songs evolved into. So far, we've been calling this the "subtle boy Robot" sessions, which Jeremiah has been chronicling on his blog.


Both being writers, Jeremiah and I are drafting a novella:

Not necessarily directly related to the music project above (more of a parallel creative process), subtle boy Robot is a sci-fi drama/thriller novella about a boy who survives an accident only to find his recovery inexorably related to technology that may not be wholly benign.