The Mobius Project

Collaborative fine arts & music project.

Graphic Novel

Story written by me, illustrated by my brother, Dave.

My Tattoos

Though they aren't technically my art, using my body as a canvass for others' designs based on my ideas is definitely a collaborative artistic process in my book:

Digital Avatars

The first avatar of me was spontaneously hand-sketched by a friend on a notepad while I was in college in the early 2000s (and was representative of my--still proudly worn--nu-metal influenced look at the time). I tweaked it and used it as my internet avatar for almost 2 decades until a more recent illustration of me was conjured for my band by Voodo Walrus Productions.


Though I haven't returned to this style of art in my adult life (not sure why I lost interest), I was an avid drawer and painter from elementary school to high school (~late 80's - late 90's).


A few of the pieces below were under the supervision of Gay Shiles at Shiles Studios when I was in high school.

Hand Drawn

I don't present these for skill recognition, but instead to convey my interest in the craft as a kid and display how my interests evolved over time.